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Skull Shaver is proud to introduce a whole new concept in face and head shaving. Our innovative patented design concepted by our talented engineers, produced using best-in-class equipment and high-quality materials allows us to offer a wide range of products that help you get a perfect look every day. The product lines offered by Skull Shaver include men’s head shaver, face shaver, hair clippers and trimmers, women’s shavers as well as a large selection of accessories to make your life much more simple. Each of our products is unique, powerful and easy to use. Thanks to the innovative line of products by Skull Shaver, taking care of your bald head will become a matter of minutes. With our head shavers, the endless cycle of visits to the hairdresser is finally over. Now you can get the neat and tidy look all by yourself. All our devices are designed to be used with ease in literally any location, to make the shaving process as easy as possible. Our hair styling tools offer limitless possibilities for getting the perfect haircut for any length of hair. And of course, our unique range of products designed for women are the perfect solution for smooth and glide skin every day.  

About Skull Shaver

Founded back in 2012, today Skull Shaver is an international company that aims to bring comfort to people’s life. Thanks to the innovative approach of company’s founders, combined with heavy investment in the R&D, Skull Shaver has been able to turn the industry upside down, by offering a range of products of exceptional quality and unbeatable performance. The one of a kind design of Skull Shaver has revolutionized the industry and changed the way people shave. Our unique patented head shavers have become the ultimate choice for personal care for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The range of Skull Shaver is continiously upgraded to offer top-notch products for every need.

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Rs. 9,799.00

Beast Clipper Pro - Men's Electric Hair Clipper for Head, Beard and Mustache

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Butterfly Kiss Shaver

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