One Lion Purple PRO Foil Shaver


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                                 What's In The Box

                                              One Lion Purple PRO Foil Shaver

                                              Stepped Standard AND Sensitive Foil Gaurds

                                              USB Wall Plug Adapter and Charging Cord

                                              Rubber Charging Port Cover

                                              Cleaning Brush

                                              1 Year Warranty


                    What makes it so easy to use?

Royal Shaving Capabilities  

one lion purple pro shaver by skull shaver

Introducing the One Lion Purple shaver - where power meets elegance. Crafted from premium materials, this majestic device glides with the grace of a lion, effortlessly removing any body hair. Let its vibrant purple hue reflect your bold spirit as you embark on a grooming journey like no other. Experience the sheer luxury of silky-smooth skin.       


                                                            Stepped Twin Foil Shaving Blades

skull shaver one lion is designed for easy face shaving with its stepped foil design  With its unique step foil design, you have the flexibility to choose between a single or double foil for your shaving needs. Angle the shaver to use a single foil, perfect for navigating your curves. For a smooth and efficient shave over larger areas, tilt the shaver to engage both foils simultaneously.


Two Foil Options for All Types of Skin

Two foil options Chiseler and Fixer for One Lion Purple PRO

The One Lion Purple PRO comes with two different foils: one for normal skin and one for sensitive skin. Use the one that suits you best. Each foil cover flexes independently to ensure your skin is contoured no matter the size or features.         



Perfect Feel and Grip

One lIon Purple shaver makes it easy to reach hard to reach places with it's patented grip design

 Experience the perfect feel and grip. Designed with our unique patented Skull Shaver handle, it fits seamlessly in your hand, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The versatile design offers multiple hand grips, allowing you to hold the indented ribs or use the unique between finger grip to reach difficult areas.


                                                                     Battery Life Indicator

one lion gold pro by skull shaver is designed with the signature skull shaver ergonomic gripIts integrated LED light indicator ensures you're always aware of the battery's charge level. A green light signifies a fully charged shaver, while a red light means you have less than 15 minutes of operation remaining. Enjoy a steady and reliable shaving experience until the very end with the One Lion Purple's powerful Lithium-Ion battery.


70 Minutes of Cordless Use

one lion pro blades clean in a snap

  The One Lion Purple shaver has an advanced built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you 70 minutes of cordless operation. Experience the convenience of shaving anytime and anywhere, giving you the freedom to groom on your terms. Ideal for frequent travelers, this must-have shaver ensures a quick shave on-the-go even if you’re far from a power outlet.


A Gentle Wet or Dry Shave

skull shaver pro shaver can shave wet or dry in the shower or on the go

  Experience the convenience of The One Lion Purple, an IPX5 water-resistant shaver that allows you to shave in the shower. Alternatively, embrace the convenience of on-the-go grooming by shaving dry, without the need for water or cream. Whatever your preference, this versatile shaver adapts seamlessly to your unique routine.


Easy Clean Blades

one lion pro blades clean in a snap

Effortlessly remove the foil by pulling the side tabs to unlock the blade. Empty any trapped hair, rinse, reattach, and you're finished. For added convenience, use our Platinum Rinse Stand: fill it with room temperature water, submerge the blades, and activate the power to effortlessly rinse the captured hair into the stand.


No Blade, No Blood

one lion pro is water resistant and safe for shower use

   Indulge in a seamless shaving experience with our One Lion Purple shaver featuring high-quality Japanese Stainless-Steel blades. Our unique design ensures your skin is protected from direct contact with the cutting edge, guaranteeing a smooth finish while minimizing the potential for any cuts like a regular razor.







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